Visa: Get the VoA (Visa on Arrival / Tourist Visa) at the airport for US $ 35. It´s valid for 30 days and can be extended once for another 30 days. Please double check specific requirements of the Indonesian embassy in your home country. Extending your Visa is not a problem, but it might be easier and less hassle if you do it with an agent instead of going to the immigration office yourself. If you decide to do it yourself, the immigration office is near the airport. Don´t forget to take your passport and your flight ticket!!

Money and ATMs (cash machines): Except for the bigger hotels, shops and restaurants, paying by credit card is not very common and often not possible in Bali, so always have enough cash with you. There are plenty of ATMs to withdraw money and get cash, but check for fees of your home bank. The most popular and widespread banks on Bali are: Mandiri, BCA, BNI, Danamon,Commonwealth Bank. The closest ATM from the Villa is down the hill close to Padang Padang beach on the right next to Padang Mart and Om Burger.

(4) Currency exchange: You can find money exchanges throughout Bali, primarily in bigger cities and at the Airport. You will get the best rate around here in Ungasan across the street from the second Nirmala supermarket just where the traffic crossing is where you can turn to Balangan Beach or Nusa Dua.

(5) Mobile phone: Consider purchasing an Indonesian SIM Card even if you are staying for only a short time. It might be worth it as roaming costs and local phone calls within Bali can become quite expensive. The most popular providers are simPATI, Telkomsel (works better in the Bukit area) or XL. A new SIM card is only about IDR 12.000 – 20.000 or EUR 1-2 (without credit inside) and will make calling a taxi or making reservations a lot easier and cheaper for you. The closest phone shop from the Villa is up the hill past 69 Mart on the left, inside a little laundry place.

Food: Getting to know the local food: Warung food is not only a good option for budget traveler (meals around IDR 10.000 – 25.000), but also very tasty and it will let you experience the Balinese kitchen. Everybody knows Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), but why don´t you try Nasi Campur, Cap Cay or Gado-Gado!! For all those who prefer European food or crave for a burger: be assured, there are plenty of options for Western food locally as well!!

Health: Doctors for small injuries and other minor problems can be found in almost every village. Hopefully you will never have to go there, but if you do, the international BIMC hospital in Kuta, has competent doctors and international standards. There is also an international hospital in Nusa Dua and a SOS Clinic in Jimbaran (see last page in the Villa Info Folder).

Getting around & International driving license: Public transport is not very reliable and barely existing on Bali. The easiest, and maybe most fun way, to get around is to rent an automatic scooter or a car. Therefore, don´t forget to bring your international driving license!

Petrol: There are plenty of places that sell petrol in Vodka bottles along the local roads ;-) the price varies from 8.000-10.000 IDR per liter. The closest Petrol Station is within 10 min on the way to Ungasan.

Massage: Balinese Massages are famous for a reason and not only the cheap price. Spoil yourself at one of the many places in the local area. One of the closest, and best, is LANIAKEA Massage, just down the hill on the left side right before Bukit Cafe restaurant.

Patience and time: Clocks seem to tick different on beautiful Bali. Once you are here, you will get to know the term “pelan-pelan”. Don´t expect things to happen on time or as planned. Just relax- “Santai saja!” Once you got into the Bali mood you will love and enjoy it! And always remember: you´re on a holiday! :)